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This is where you will find the growing list of COMIC BOOK ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS, STUDIOS & SPECIAL GUESTS that will be attending our Show.
Stan Gordon - UFO Researcher

Stan Gordon has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959. Since then, he has been involved with the investigation of thousands of unusual incidents. He is the primary investigator of the 1965 UFO crash incident that occurred near Kecksburg, PA. Stan has been taking calls on UFO sightings and other strange reports from the public since 1969, and he continues to receive unusual reports on a regular basis. He is the producer of the award winning video documentary, “Kecksburg The Untold Story.” Stan is the author of two books, “Silent Invasion: The Pennsylvania UFO-Bigfoot Casebook,” and “Really Mysterious Pennsylvania.” He appears frequently on radio and television programs discussing his research on these topics. Stan has been seen on the History & Discovery Channel, SyFy Channel, Destination America Channel, and Unsolved Mysteries, as well as numerous other programs. Stan has been a guest on the Coast to Coast radio show several times. In 2013 he was featured in several new films dealing with the Bigfoot subject. In 2014, Stan will be appearing on several new TV shows. For updated information visit Stan’s website at:
Heather V. Kreiter - Artist

Heather is the twisted creator behind My Little Demon line of artwork and merchandise. My Little Demon is a dark parody of My Little Pony. Created in 2007 as the result of a small child's 25 year repressed love for ponies, My Little Demon has spawned an extensive line of artwork and prints, coloring books, calendars, dog tags, valentines and now, a new line of Plushies! More of Heather's work can be seen on her website:
Brandon William McDonald - Artist

Brandon is an aspiring artist who works mostly in the mediums of pencil, charcoal and illustration marker. The art that he creates ranges from the popular superhero and horror movies, comic books, and his own personal studio work. Brandon is originally from North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, but is working out of Indiana, Pennsylvania while earning his degree in studio art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. This will be his third time at Steel City and is excited to be back! His work can be found on his Facebook or Deviantart pages.
Shane Ronzio - Web Comic Creator

CROSS WORLDS NEXUS Indy Web Comic creator Shane Ronzio will have his books available at the STEEL CITY CON. You will find in the pages...Wild Sci Fi Adventures with unique characters assembled from Across Time & Space. Pick up a copy at the show and visit for more details.
Scary Peri Toth - pro comic book creator

Insane Layne's li'l sister and a pro comic book creator, as seen on TV, has been published in lots of comics. She is occasionally featured in Flint Comix & Entertainment and illustrated for Night of the Living Dead classic film co-author John A. Russo in #42. As a martial artist, Peri is a two-time world gold medalist (NLI), two-time world silver medalist (NLI & WKC), six-time world bronze medalist (NLI & WKC), national gold medalist (WKC), two-time national silver medalist (WKC), national bronze medalist (WKC) and seven-time state champion (MSKC & ATA).
Insane Layne Toth - Kid pro comic book creator

Kid pro comic book creator, as seen on TV and in magazines such as Time, has been published in scores of comics and she is regularly featured in Flint Comix & Entertainment. She inked George Pérez on the cover of #50 and drew for Night of the Living Dead classic film co-author John A. Russo in #30. Even Hollywood has inquired about movie rights for her creations. As a martial artist, she is a five-time world gold medalist (NLI), five-time world silver medalist (NLI & WKC), five-time world bronze medalist (NLI, WKC & ATA), four-time national gold medalist (WKC), national silver medalist (WKC), national bronze medalist (WKC), five-time world's top ten (ATA), 16-time state champ (MSKC & ATA), Grand Champion (MSKC) and a 2013 Domination Award winner in continuous sparring (MSKC).
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