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This is where you will find the growing list of COMIC BOOK ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS, STUDIOS & SPECIAL GUESTS that will be attending our Show.
Destini Beard - Vocalist

Destini Beard lives in central PA and is the lead vocalist for the Gothic Soundtrack group Midnight Syndicate. Her first album The Dark Masquerade was released in 2010, and her latest album A Time Forgotten was released in August 2012. She is a lyrical soprano classically trained for 10 years, and has a 3-4 octave range. Destini started her musical career in High School, and became one of the youngest singers to join the world renowned Susquehanna Valley Chorale. She has performed at various conventions and shows in the US, as well as overseas. She is currently working on a new Celtic Album as well as joined up with a symphonic metal band for a soon to be released single. Destini looks forward to embracing more opportunities in other vocal commercial venues. She will be selling and signing her CD's here at the show at the Art of Ed Beard Jr's Booth. To listen to Destini' music go to
Ed Beard Jr - Game & Fantasy Art Illustrator

Ed lives in central PA and has been illustrating for the Game and fantasy art product industry for over 30 years. He has created well over 1000 published works from Magic the Gathering cards, Dungeons and Dragons, the anual Dragon Calendar you find at Barnes an Noble to T-shirts for the worlds largest T-Shirt company the Mountain Corp. Ed's works have graced the covers of hundreds of magazines and even jigsaw puzzles wih his dynamic bold fantasy images. Ed prides himself on creating all of his work the "Old School Way" completely hand painted with real tangible mediums with NO digital assistance. As a result his original art is some of the most sought after in today's collectible market. Ed also is a multiple time award winning auto and motorcycle airbrush artist with 2 " nationals best mural" awards back to back at the worlds and national auto shows. Ed will be signing Magic cards as other art prints at his booth in the main hall. To view more of Ed's works visit
Jessi Bencloski - Freelance Fantasy Artist

Jessi Bencloski is a freelance fantasy artist with a particular focus on impossible beasts and improbable landscapes (with a healthy sprinkling of pop-culture fandom here and there) from North Huntingdon, PA. Her choice of media varies and includes digital painting, traditional illustration, wood-burning, and scratchboard."
Nichole Brown - Artist

Nichole Brown is a mixed media artist from Youngstown, Ohio whose main focus is figure casting and found object assemblage, but also works in collage, prints and jewelry making. Her facebook page, Nichole Brown Art and Such, includes examples of both past projects and in progress works, some of which have been commissioned for one of a kind art. This is Nichole's second appearance at Steel City Con and her first seating on the Artists Alley. She will be returning with her popular TransPort Art prints, which are collage and transparency pieces that float in clear frames. The collection includes celebrities from movies, music, and TV, popular movie and TV franchises, and collectible toy lines. New to her table this year will be Modern Chain, a jewelry line that balances renaissance metal art with modern style. Nichole's work uses medieval chainmail as inspiration for body chains that are simplified so they can be worn with everyday looks. Products include necklaces, bracelets, shoulder/neck pieces, and custom works that can be made on site during the show. Visit Nichole's website for updates on her work or to request a commission.
Jonathan Coffman - Custom Horror Dolls and Creations Jonathan Coffman is a custom horror doll artist from Steubenville, OH. He is new to the artist community and very excited to show his work at the upcoming show. Jonathan mainly works with unwanted dolls and toys he finds at local flea markets or yard sales. Giving new life to the forgotten toys from the bottom of a box in someone’s attic. His creations range from zombies, clowns, historical killers and much more from the horror genre. To check out Jonathan’s one of a kind creations please visit
Aaron Dalzell - Author

Aaron Dalzell is a self-published author of a range of works, including horror and fantasy stories, weird fiction, and poetry. Published works include the epic fantasy novel "Forgemaster", two books of poetry "By Candlelight", and "Conflict", as well as a new book of short-stories entitled "Ancestors" were the stories deal with the strange, horrible, and unusual themes of terror, crude science experiments, the occult, and a most unusual love tale…
Chris Flick of Capes & Babes - Illustrator

Chris graduated from Radford University in 1991 with a graphic design and commercial illustration degree, did a bunch of graphic related odd jobs and eventually wound up in an advertising agency where he taught himself html. Since then, he got married, had two kids, rescued a couple of stray cats and created a comic strip for called "CMX Suite"that ran for five years. Somewhere in all of this, his unpublished college graphic novel stayed in his brain and eventually he warped that idea into a humor strip, added a crazy werewolf and before he knew it, in 2007, Capes & Babes was officially born. The stray cats have since passed away and Chris' house is now overrun with three dogs. Chris continues to write and illustrate Capes and Babes three times a week, attends numerous conventions along the east coast and Chris has joined the Webcomic Comic Alliance ( as a contributing member. Chris wants everyone to know he desperately tried to keep this bio down to two short paragraphs. Chris also wants everyone to know he hates everyone who refers to themselves in third person with a heated passion. You can read Capes & Babes three times a week at
Caseen Gaines - Author, Director, Educator, and Historian

He is the author of Inside Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Untold, Unauthorized, and Unpredictable Story of a Pop Phenomenon, the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award Silver Medal winner in the Popular Culture / Leisure category. It received positive reviews from Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and journalists from The Village Voice, In Touch Weekly, The A.V. Club. His second book, A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic, includes a foreword from Wil Wheaton and illustrations from actor Ian Petrella. It was released in fall of 2013 to critical praise and commercial success. His third book, We Don't Need Roads, will take a look at the Back to the Future trilogy. It will be released in 2015 through Plume, an imprint of the Penguin Group USA, and includes new interviews from Robert Zemeckis, Christopher Lloyd, Huey Lewis, and over fifty others associated with the film
Kelliann Galabinski - Makeup Artist

Kelliann Galabinski is a makeup artist from Mars, PA whose been doing makeup for 10 years. Just this year she has opened up Kellie Abomination Makeup Design as a freelance makeup artist. Her talents range from everyday makeup to the ability to make you look like your favorite character from movies, television, and comics. She does makeup tutorials on Youtube as a hobby and has created her own brand of "zombie chic", which she markets during every Halloween season. She is very happy to do your makeup this year!
John Haun - Sketch Card Artist/Illustrator

Looking for reasonably priced original art? Then stop by and say Hi! Projects I have worked/ing on The Hobbit, Star Trek, The Walking Dead Season 1 & 3, Downton Abbey, CBLDF Liberty, Valiant comics, Justice League of America, Marvel Comics ... Greatest Battles, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Movie, Spider-Man, X-Men, 70 Years In Marvel, Heroes and Villains & Dangerous Divas. Star Wars Galaxy 5, 6 & 7 The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Woman of Dynamic, Sci Fi / Horror Sketch Card Series 2 & Vampirella, Bettie Page Private Collection, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, Best of Hockey & Multi Sport. Friend me on Face Book!
USS Inferno - Star Trek Fandom

USS Inferno is the Official Star Trek Chapter in and around Pittsburgh. The chapter has been in existence in Pittsburgh for the last 10 years. The USS Inferno is proud member of STARFLEET International ( We are based in Star Trek fandom, however. we welcome all fans of science fiction. We do a variety of activities within the community and private. We invite you to come and check us out!
Ken W Kelly - Fantasy Artist

Over his 30-year career, he has focused in particular on paintings in the sword and sorcery and heroic fantasy subgenres. Early in his career he was able to study the paintings of Frank Franzetta in Frank's studio, however Frank never let out his trade secrets. In the early 1970s Ken did a couple of cover paintings for Castle of Framkenstein magazine. He has depicted Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and rock groups such as KISS. His work often portrays exotic, enchanted locales and primal battlefields. He recently developed the album artwork for Coheed and Cambria's album, Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two" No World for Tomorrow. In 2012, one of Ken's paintings was used for the cover of Electric Magma's 12" vinyl release: Canadian Samurai II. This is a VERY rare appearance at the Steel City Con. Don't miss out.
Josh Knaub - Mixed Media Illustrator

Josh Knaub is a freelance mixed media artist from Lancaster, PA. Josh enjoys drawing anything from zombies to superheros and everything in between. This will be Josh's second time at Steel City Con. Stop by his table for original art and limited edition prints. Check out his Facebook page for a preview of what you will see at the show.
Heather V. Kreiter - Artist

Heather is the twisted creator behind My Little Demon line of artwork and merchandise. My Little Demon is a dark parody of My Little Pony. Created in 2007 as the result of a small child's 25 year repressed love for ponies, My Little Demon has spawned an extensive line of artwork and prints, coloring books, calendars, dog tags, valentines and now, a new line of Plushies! More of Heather's work can be seen on her website:
Bob layton - Artist, Writer, Designer and Entrepreneur

One of the comics industry's true visionaries at every level, creator, writer, artist, designer, and entrepreneur, Bob Layton has successfully migrated to other media, including television, animation and feature films. If you've seen the Iron Man movies, then you're familiar with Bob's work. Bob reinvented the Iron Man comic in the late 70s, taking it from near-cancellation to one of Marvel's all-time bestselling series. The classic Iron Man story "Demon in a Bottle" was recently voted "one of the top 20 comic stories of all time". Bob also is credited as the co-creator of Marvel's War Machine and DC Comics' The Huntress, as well as designing Mattel's hugely-successful "Secret Wars" toy line. Numerous concepts and characters that Bob created are represented and credited on the silver screen in the 2008 motion picture "Iron Man" and the sequels, "IRON MAN 2 & 3". Bob was on the set and had the thrilling opportunity to consult with the talented cast and crew. Bob also launched the first mini-series in comics' history at Marvel with his highly-praised Hercules-Prince of Power. That series, which Bob Layton wrote and drew, spawned a successful sequel, a graphic novel and is still available to this day in trade paperback format. Layton also revived the original X-Men characters at Marvel with his groundbreaking series X-Factor. While at Marvel, Bob designed the highly-successful Marvel Secret Wars toy line for Mattel, which has been recently re-released by Hasbro Toys. Second only to his tenure on Iron Man, Bob was instrumental in Valiant Comics' meteoric success in the 90s - first as co-architect of the Valiant Universe and then, as its Co-Owner/Editor-In-Chief/Senior VP. Bob is currently the co-creator/co-writer/executive producer on the upcoming comedy/horror film, "Shambler" from Odyssey Pictures/Gillen Group and is hard at work writing the screenplay and comic book series of the new action/adventure film "Mettle" for Academy Award Nominee Edward James Olmos and his production company.
Jesse Marks - Artist

Jesse Marks is an artist and illustrator from Cleveland, Ohio. His art ranges from his favorite classic heroes and villains to Disney and My Little Pony. He is currently working on the first edition of Metro Moth, a new comic book from Atomic Scarab Publishing and a poster for Underground Comixxx. His art can be seen at To order con sketches, email
John Martin - Digital Artist

Local digital artist John Martin creates spectacular original paintings in full detail from the industry's biggest comic heroes and villains to classic science fiction icons. Come and see his newest painting of Wonder Woman along with already established fan favorites such as Deadpool, Batman, Star Trek, Doctor Who and many more. Commissions will be accepted before, during and after the show. Please visit his website to preview his work and like Risen Lion on Facebook to stay informed of new paintings and show appearances.
Brandon McDonald - Artist

Brandon is an inspiring artist who works in the mediums of graphite and charcoal. He creates realistic images from an array of pop culture and horror films. He is currently earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. You can find his work at and
Annamarie C. Mickey - Digital Artist

Annamarie is a freelance digital artist from western Pennsylvania who particularly enjoys concept art and character design. Her drawing interests range from comic heroes (such as Wonder Woman and Black Widow), to video games (such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age), to her own personal projects. She is currently the lead artist on an independent RPG-tactics game called "Kuraz," currently in pre-production. Stop by her booth for on-site pencil and ink commissions as well as fan art and original prints!
Brian Middleton - Freelance Artist

Brian Middleton is a comic creator and a freelance artist. He lives in Altoona, PA. His ongoing anthology webcomic can be found at He is currently developing his first ongoing series, "Adventures in Isme".
Audra Olivia - Artist

Audra Olivia is an original artist from small town, Michigan. Her love for all things weird and wonderful are reflected in her whimsical paintings. Aliens and space ships, mermaids and monsters, the creatures she creates are full of fun, and unique charm. With just a touch of vintage goodness, her art will bring a smile and conversation starter to any room! Come say, "Hello" and fall in love with some original artwork....
Rich Sanner - Author & Historian

Rich Sanner is a nationally recognized 3 Stooges author, speaker, and film historian. Dubbed "Pittsburgh Stooge Guy" by Paul Howard (Son of Moe), Rich became friends with Stooge leader Moe Howard as a young teenager in the late 1960's. Rich regularly corresponded with Moe for many years, and that friendship is the basis of Rich's book "My Friend Moe...Memories of a Stoogeboomer". Copies of the book have sold throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Rich is also the founder and president of The Restless Knights - 3 Stooges Fan club, formed in 1972 with Moe Howard's permission. Please join Rich for a special 3 Stooges presentation in the Events Room on Saturday at 7:00pm.
Lacey Shreffler - Digital Artist

Lacey Shreffler is a young, digital artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Apart from making digital art she has also recently been a storyboard artist for a small independent movie and joined together with many other artists to created a Captain America and Winter Soldier fanzine (the print from which will be at her table!). She enjoys comics, superheroes and cartoons and has many prints and sticker that show off those interests as well as many original prints! This will be her third time attending and selling art at Steel City Con. For a preview of her work, please visit her website:
Ernie Stiner - Freelance Cartoonist

Ernie Stiner is a freelance cartoonist, working through his own EJ Graphix imprint, producing Stick-E Stickers and E-Lectro Magnets. Ernie was a professional comic book penciler in the 1990’s, working on Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Punisher, Silver Surfer and the penultimate issue #154 of Marvel’s run of the G.I. Joe comic – which was recently reprinted in IDW’s Classic G.I. Joe, Vol. #15. Please check out the Art Web Site: and look for the launch of a new webcomic – The Clients of Todd Oddessey – in early 2015:
Mikey Wood - Artist

Mikey Wood was genetically engineered in a lab in New Jersey in 1973, designed with one purpose and one purpose alone: to be a living weapon and conquer alien worlds in the name of the Secret Earth Tribunal (SET). After traveling the galaxy for decades, raining fiery destruction down on unsuspecting alien planets in the name of SET, Mikey, while resting from his most recent battle, witnessed the setting of the binary sun system of the planet Gethtar IV. Inspired by its beauty, Mikey decided, then and there, to change his life. To shrug off his programming and become a force for good. For the next three hundred years, Mikey mastered time travel and travelled back to the day of his birth and, whispering an unknown sequence of words into his own baby ears, altered his destiny forever. This new version of baby Mikey Wood went on to become a good guy, a loving father, and an artist of all things nerdy and wonderful. His will be selling prints of his illustrations of everything from DOCTOR WHO to GHOSTBUSTERS to SUPERNATURAL and will be open for commissions and sketch cards while-u-wait. Come on by!
Chris Yambar - Artist, Writer, Cartoonist

Chris Yambar is one of the most prolific creative forces in modern pop culture. Unlike others in the creative arts, YAMBAR has been able to create an enormous catalog of work in the following mediums: painting, writing, cartooning, publishing, designing, and recording, all of which have been met with staggering results.
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